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Fine! I'll admit, this is a 'personal webpage' of sorts, you won't find anything here of much value to anyone but me (even then, the worth of these pages is questionable...) -but where else am I supposed to hoard my digi-junk!?

Personal webpages (atleast ones that serve anything other than hyperlinks to the webmaster's Twitter page, the likes of which are seemingly inescapable with the most recent "Old Web" revival...I digress) remind me of an A/V store I lived above for a short while, scattered with sun-bleached video tapes and records piled floor-to-ceiling with barely any margin for walkin' around, presumably the result of a lifetime of hoarding collecting by the owner (who happened to have a storefront, I can count the number of times I saw that place open on one hand). Anyways, rummaging through someone else's junk can be fun, physical or not (see /webring) and personal webpages, textarchives'n more serve as time capsules of sorts. Not that you'd find anything like that here, ofcourse. Nothing to see here! ...

All About Lily Chou-Chou

I like:

I am an associate of Triple9crew and a Robo Know Yourself Foundation representative. I am evil.


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If this page hasn't scared you off already, or you want to bug me about somethin' or anything: Usually logged on as scuttlecell or yamaxanadu on,, a few others... on Matrix on XMPP/Jabber

I'll most likely respond to an irc msg quickest, matrix is still way too clunky and I'm not always logged on to XMPP.

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By: floppydisk (Tue May 28 00:11:07 BST 2024)
Hi green

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